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Jolly Rogers at KYA San Francisco on August 8th, 1959

Bill Keffery at KYA San Francisco on May 23rd, 1964

K. O. Bailey at KFRC San Francisco on December 21st, 1968

Bwana Johnny at KYA San Francisco on June 24th, 1970

Beau Weaver at KFRC San Francisco on November 14th, 1973

Dr. Don Rose at KFRC San Francisco on August 9th, 1974

In the 1960s there were two major Top 40 players in the San Francisco radio market, KYA 1260 and KFRC 1550. They duked it out from around 1965 until the mid-70s, KFRC eventually emerging victorious. Here is roughly five and a half hours of the two stations spread out over their respective fifteen year primes.

You can download FLACs of the recordings by clicking the links under the players or using the arrow buttons on the right side player menus.

Yes, has been up and down the past day or so. But no worries, whenever I use multiupload I always include a couple of the mirrors it creates under the multiupload link. That’s what the “rs” and “mu” and “zs” stuff is about. So in the event multiupload disappears, the mirror uploads remain.

So I’m gonna continue using multiupload while it’s around, because it makes so many mirrors. Sharebee does this too, but the upload speed with them seems prohibitively slow.

Information pending. All I know is that he died in his sleep last night.

Yeah, I intend to get back on that horse this week.

You gotta understand, these are just NO FUN for me to listen to or post. I understand that it’s a treasure trove of historical value to TG and industrial fans, but on my end it’s really just 45 hours of hookless noise to dredge through.

I think I should just stop listening to them before I post them, then maybe it wouldn’t feel like homework.