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The Fun and Games’ Elephant Candy is an exemplary harmony pop and bubblegum album dating back to the late ’60s. Its popularity today (especially among soft pop collectors, who have helped pushed copies of the LP into the upper strata of the marketplace) can be traced directly to the group’s involvement with ├╝ber-talented Los Angeles singer/songwriter/producer Gary Zekley. Zekley (who passed away in 1996) had previously struck gold as a songwriter/producer for a group called the Yellow Balloon, co-writing eight of that group’s 11 LP tracks, including the hit song “Yellow Balloon.” Zekley had already written or co-written (often with his songwriting partner, Mitchell Bottler) numerous soft pop hits, including “Like a Summer Rain” for Jan & Dean and the original version of “Superman” by the Clique (later covered by R.E.M.). By 1968, Zekley’s success had led him to be introduced to a California-by-way-of-Texas group called the Fun and Games by UNI Records president Russ Regan. Unlike several of Zekley’s groups — which were mostly a vehicle for Zekley and Bottler’s songs, and mostly utilized session musicians — the Fun and Games were a real group. Nevertheless, Zekley took control of their destiny, and ended up producing the group’s sole album, 1969’s Elephant Candy, co-writing seven of the 12 songs featured on the album. Elephant Candy wasn’t as successful as Zekley’s previous efforts, however, and spawned just one Top 100 hit, “Grooviest Girl in the World.” Today, many soft pop and bubblegum fans like to point out the song’s unintentionally hilarious lyrics, during which the singer sums up his excessive compliments to the groovy girl by stating, “And I’m a guy with impeccable taste” (as if she should be flattered that such an amazing guy would be tossing compliments her way — such an ego!).

-Bryan Thomas,

The Fun And Games-ELEPHANT CANDY (1968)