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I admit, I haven’t listened to this one. You tell me if it’s any good.


SO36 Club, Berlin, Germany. 7th November 1980.

“Just before we went on, [Tutti] said, ‘Discipline’ and we did it. Just made it up. And I liked the fact that there are actually records of us inventing something; you are actually there when it was actually happening.” [Genesis P-Orridge, Re/Search no. 4/5, 1982]

“A short high frequency ‘buzz like’ sound can sometimes be heard during these performances. This sound is present on the original tapes and was most likely caused by [the] presence of a nearby digital PCM machine during the recordings.” [Chris Carter, TG+ notes, August 2003]

Track titles from Funeral in Berlin. Some instrumentals on IRCD36/37 may have one of the following titles: Stained by Dead Horses / Zero’s Death / Nomon / Raudive Bunker Experiment / Denial of Death / Funeral in Berlin / Trade Deficit. Any help on this appreciated.

Track One (30’37”)

00’00” Introduction
00’52” Instrumental
10’29” Instrumental
16’37” An Old Man Smiled
25’06” Trained Condition of Obedience

Track Two (44’24”)

00’00” Trained Condition of Obedience (cont.)
01’43” Instrumental
10’36” Something Came Over Me “A song for people who wank.”
21’04” ‘Church Music’
26’42” Instrumental
33’20” Discipline
42’15” Wall of Sound
44’04” (Performance ends)


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Throbbing Gristle-TG+: IRCD36 SO36 CLUB, BERLIN (LIVE 7 NOVEMBER 1980)
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