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A collection of all of Pavement’s low-fidelity early singles and EPs, which feature considerably less melody than Slanted and Enchanted. It’s nice to have this rare material on one CD, although the music is defiantly anti-CD. Those who boarded the train with the acclaimed Slanted and Enchanted should catch up on what they’ve missed.

This 1993 disc compiles all of Pavement’s pre- Slanted & Enchanted seven inches and EPs, including “Slay Tracks”, “Demolition Plot J-7”, “Perfect Sound Forever”, and “Summer Babe”, plus a couple of compilation tracks from their earliest stages. This is Pavement in all their dissonant, embryonic fury. Noisier than Slanted, more obtuse than Wowee Zowee, these long-out-of-print discs were a veritable hipster haven, until the world got to hear them, that is. Then they were just pretentious.

The moral: hipsters suck, Pavement rule. Take heed, kids, fuck The Fall, buy American.

-Colin McElligatt

192kbps MP3