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Category Archives: Nervous Gender

Nervous Gender created what is probably the ultimate synth-punk album, when you consider that 25 years later this still sounds as fresh as it did back in the day, not to mention that it’s still hugely influential.

The root of their sound is clearly the no-wave of the late-70’s, and of course the work of The Normal, early Tuxedomoon, The Screamers etc. Nevertheless, it is Nervous Gender that are the ultimate exponents of the genre.

The songs vibrate with a hysteric edge, the synthesizers shriek like air raids, and the lyrics are spurred with a heretic ferocity (“Monsters”, “Fat Cow”, “Nothing To Hide”). The second side, supposedly done by Beelzebub Youth but actually by Nervous Gender too, is even more conceptual, abstract and cacophonous (“Christian Lovers”, “Exorcism”, “Bathroom Sluts”).


Nervous Gender-MUSIC FROM HELL (1981)