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Re-up to condense this stuff and replace with higher bitrates. Dig that Daniel Clowes cover art circa 1991!

The LAS VEGAS GRIND series by Strip Records, a shelf label of the incredible Crypt Records, is just begging for a box set. From the early 90s to around 2002, the series compiled roughly 200 cuts of the coolest… uh music? I struggle with a way to even classify it. It’s rockabilly but with an added swing. Where big band and early garage rock meet. Too dirty and lo-fi to be Lounge/Exotica. It’s 1950s frat rock for the dads of the kids at the Animal House. Weirdo, but too get-in-the-studio-and-knock-this-one-out professional for the world of Irwin Chusid-style obscurantism. It manages to be slightly askew of any typical genre classification.

Read this description by AMG’s Jessica Jernigan:

If the Las Vegas of Frank Sinatra is a little too classy, a bit too swank for your taste, you might want to pay a visit to the land of Las Vegas Grind. The lights aren’t so bright there and the liquor is cheap. The air is redolent with warm Brylcream and sweaty polyester — the smell of conventioneers nervously enjoying the kind of entertainment they could never get away with back home. Just remember to bring a wad of one-dollar bills, and don’t forget there’s a three-drink minimum.

The Earthworms was just a name Oliver Sain and

Little Milton used to cut this one-off 45 for Bobbin
Records in 1962. They might have owned the label
for all I know and just used other names to make
more 45s!
Anyway, I plead and beg here for a definitive box set for this stuff because there are multiple volumes, and multiple pressings of each volume with different songs. It’s kind of a mess. On vinyl it goes VOLUME I-V (I think), and on CD it goes PART I-III (fitting the vinyl VOLUMES I-V) and THEN a newly added CD VOLUME VI that has all new material to the series. So that leads to the confusing predicament of there being no V on CD, it just goes I-IV, VI. Heh.

Note the alternating use of VOLUME and PART. The original releases are VOLUMES, and those are compiled into larger versions for the CD PARTS. And after that was done they put out another VOLUME! And this new one was on CD! See, confusing!

Anyway so what I have in 320 is PARTS I-III and VI from the CDs.

95% certain Edgar Allen & The Po’ Boys was just a

Session musicians or established less-than-photogenic studio wizards would often record these one shot 45s for tiny labels in exchange for a quick buck, or to slyly inflate their own label’s roster. Sometimes they went on to become large figures in pop/rock later. I just found out the song “Buzzsaw Twist” by The Gee Cees is actually just Glen Campbell!

Must have stuff. I love garage rock comps like anyone else, but this stuff is a whole other level. It wins the lifetime achievement award for music you can just set and forget and leave on for HOURS. You can play it for an entire eight hour shift. It’s great for bars and cool restaurant/dive type places. You’ll also hear some sources of popular samples herein. I could swear the title lyric in “Scatty Cat” by Bob Bunny is a common sample used by DJ Qbert or one of the other Invisible Skratch Piklz.

Yeah, so get this. Okay? Look I don’t want to make a big deal out of it.