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Shockingly little information on this release, which I believe is OOP now. Anyway, for my money there are two conductors that ruled the 20th century, Wilhelm Furtwängler and Ferenc Fricsay. Furtwängler was the more passionate of the two, but Fricsay had just enough passion and the luck of having his greatest work recorded during the heyday of the 20th century stereo recording technological revolution, dropping the first stereo Beethoven’s 9th, which is to this day considered definitive by many. Furtwängler arguably was just past his prime when recording because truly high fidelity right after World War II. Fricsay also doesn’t also have accusation of Nazi membership, however dubious, dogging his reputation.

Some guys just accept Herbert von Karajan as the Beatles of classical music, ubiquitous… But I think he’s responsible for the dullness and softening of any rough edges that has come to pass as the general view of classical music to outsiders. It’s literally one man’s fault that classical music is often seen as wallpaper instead of art.

If you want a tastemaker for classical music, look no farther than Stanley Kubrick. He had shockingly excellent taste when choosing music for his films.

Johann Strauss-KAISER-WALZER, THE BLUE DANUBE, ETC. (Ferenc Fricsay & Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra 1961)
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