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Another HPN find, never know if I should be crediting that or if we don’t talk about HPN. -Ian!

Best album I’ve heard this year. Too bad it took me so long to discover it, but so lucky for me I can hear it now with fresh ears and still find joy in previously unheard music. This is a masterpiece. Exotic, poppy, jazzy, folky and proggy. Cheesy and beautiful. Tickles your funnybone and brings a tear to the eye. What else could you possibly want? Prog heads might be miffed that there aren’t any totally ruling riffs. But Lucio is primarily a songsmith and not a rock showman. This album is all about quirky pop arrangements, Italian psych melodies and arty song structures. If you have any kind of leanings towards the SMiLe album, Genesis, 10cc, and Italian prog then you’ll probably get a lot out of this. It’s freaking REALLY REALLY good.

-some dude on

Lucio Battisti-ANIMA LATINA (1974)
rs mu