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To be clear, this compiles material recorded in the mid-1950s. This isn’t some throwback stuff. This is the real deal! -Ian!

Pure unbridled individualism, letting insanity run wild, playing all your instruments yourself without multi tracking, recording it in a wood shed behind your mom’s house and putting the blood and dirt in the music that is the pure essence of Rockabilly. Elvis is not the king in my eyes Hasil is. He is the great artist that was on a wavelength different from everybody elses’.

In “She Said” he talks of trying to make it with a girl whose face looks like ” a dying box of commodity meat”, then in a insane voice that gives me goosebumps he talks about chopping off his girlfriend’s head and putting it on the wall. I’m thinking what got in to this guy did he channel a demon while recording? Is he a schizo with multi personalties? Then he goes on to talk about a dance called “The Hunch” about the ancient dirty deed not the usual 1950’s lyrical fare. No wonder none of the majors ever picked him up. If you like your music RAW and REAL you don’t get better Rockabilly then the Haze.

-Cool Cat Rich,

Hasil Adkins-OUT TO HUNCH (1986 compilation)