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Category Archives: 1966

This is one of those “big deal” discoveries for me. Big thank you to Bananafish and the blog LIKE A TIME MACHINE POWERED BY BICYCLES for this stunning find! I didn’t know that one of my favorite films of all time even had a score! -Ian!

This LP was presumably rushed out to capitalize on the surprising critical success of Faces, though I’ve never come across a single mention of it in any Cassavetes bio. As the title says, the album (produced by Miles Davis’ producer/collaborator Teo Macero) is comprised of “music from the soundtrack, plus music inspired by the film;” what this means is that only a few tracks were actually featured in the film (Love Is All You Really Want, Love Has Conquered Man, and Charlie Smalls’ stark and soulful Never Felt Like This Before), while the rest are either extrapolations of musical themes from the minimal score (i.e. two additional renditions of Love Is All You Really Want), or are pieces with loose thematic or practical ties to scenes in the film (I Dream of Jeannie, Deck The Halls[?]).

It’s impossible to say who’s “inspiration” was responsible for this collection, as three of the four people who would presumably know — Macero, Smalls (a composer and songwriter later known for writing the music for the 1975 Broadway musical The Wiz), and Cassavetes himself — are no longer with us (anyone have a phone number for Jack Ackerman?). Personally, I’m just glad that an officially-produced soundtrack to any Cassavetes film exists; the only other one I know of is Bill Conti’s Gloria score, issued in a limited edition by Varese Sarabane’s limited-edition and now out of print. Now, if only someone would put together a nice collection of Bo Harwood’s music for John’s other films (hint hint)…

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