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Brighton Polytechnic. 26th March 1977.
Stereo. TG rating 3/10 (Fanatics only).

‘Last Exit’ – TG’s answer to the Sex Pistols ‘God Save the Queen’. Opens with a sampled American commentary on nuclear survival and a conversation over a two-way radio.

“Fuck off / Fuck off cunt… / And then he hit me with a brick… / Right under the poster / And I fell in the mud / I said ‘Don’t kill me’ / Then he hit me with a brick / Then he hit me with a brick again / Then the blood went out of my cheeks / Then the blood hit the ground and it mingled with the mud / The blood and the mud mingling under the poster / And I looked up at the poster / I looked up and saw the poster / It was a picture of Prince Philip / Prince Philip was fucking the Queen / Prince Philip was fucking the Queen / And the Queen was going ‘Again, do it again, Philip, please Philip, fuck me Philip’… / Got on the Central Line / Came up to these two kids / And the two kids kicked me in the teeth / I spat out three teeth / And I looked up / And I looked up at the poster… / And I looked at Prince Philip / And he was kicking me in the teeth / And the Queen was saying ‘Fuck me again Philip’… / And he said ‘Don’t hit me with that brick. Don’t suck my prick / Poster / Fuck off / Fuck off.”

The voice used on Slug Bait is that of a young Canadian killer, who was serving life for murdering a young girl whilst he was still only a teenager.

“The final track is thee voice of thee DJ yelling at thee AUDIENCE, part of whom had attached thee PA and other audience members to try and stop TG playing anymore. A minor riot. Thee DJ liked TG and is abusing thee drunks. After a couple of minutes he put an Iggy Pop record on to try and pacify everyone.” [Genesis P-Orridge, Nanavesh 3, February 1982]

Track One (47’23”)

00’00” Zyklon B Zombie
07’38” Last Exit
16’17” Slug Bait
23’10” Maggot Life
32’09” Mary Jane/Record Contract “Just like the Bay City Rollers, The Rolling Stones and Johnny Rotten, all our songs sound the same”
41’47” ‘Tesco Disco’ “If my amplifier was loud enough, I’d make sure it killed everyone in the room including me”
42’31” One Note One Life One Purpose “I just want to fuck you all up the bum – anything to wake you up”

Track Two (12’36”)

00’00” One Note One Life One Purpose (cont.)”Oh fuck I’ve gone out of tune”
04’30” ‘A Load of Fucking Wankers’
09’12” (Recording ends)


SO36 Club, Berlin, Germany, 8th November 1980.

“A short high frequency ‘buzz like’ sound can sometimes be heard during these performances. This sound is present on the original tapes and was most likely caused by [the] presence of a nearby digital PCM machine during the recordings.” “There were technical problems during the taping of this performance which resulted in a shorter than usual 48 minute recording.” [Chris Carter, TG+ notes, August 2003]

Track titles from Funeral in Berlin. Some instrumentals on IRCD36/37 may have one of the following titles: Stained by Dead Horses / Zero’s Death / Nomon / Raudive Bunker Experiment / Denial of Death / Funeral in Berlin / Trade Deficit. Any help on this appreciated.

Track One (20’29”)

00’00” Introduction
00’40” Cornets
04’16” Instrumental
13’04” An Old Man Smiled
20’28” (Recording ends)

Track Two (27’35”)

00’00” Instrumental
02’39” Instrumental
05’48” Instrumental
13’32” Something Came Over Me (cuts out 14’56” to 15’30”)
19’00” Discipline
27’20” (Performance ends)


More info on TG Live:
Wikipedia: TG Live

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