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Heralded by many as one of the finest ambient works of all time, Steve Roach’s Structures From Silence is right up there with Brian Eno’s “Music for Airports,” and deservedly so. Originally released in 1984, Structures From Silence was deemed a classic almost immediately, but the contrast grew greater as Roach’s output did, and the sheer beauty and clarity of this recording became more clear with time; then the album became a bit of a legend after it went out of print. Projekt has done ambient, and music enthusiasts in general, a great service by putting this excellent and classic recording back into print. With this re-release at last Roach’s early work can be listened to, enjoyed and made available to the buying public at large, as well as a new audience and generation of listeners. Structures From Silence 2001 has also been re-mastered for better sound quality, thus creating an even more evocative atmospheric listening experience. This is an exciting recording from a wonderful era in electronic ambient/space music. The 1980s saw the advent of so much electronic and synthesized music, but finally one of the finest recordings of the decade has become available again for a new generation and a new time.

-Matt Borghi,

zs df

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