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An hour and twenty minutes of airtime from KHJ AM Los Angeles on September 7th, 1966. Right in the middle of the Sunset Strip rock revolution! This is so pristine sounding I have to wonder if it was recorded by the station itself, as opposed to the usual beat up old found cassettes that are typical amongst aircheck collectors.

Imagine all the bands like The Beach Boys, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, The Monkees, The Byrds, The Standells, dudes like Kim Fowley, etc all recording within broadcast range of this radio station booth, that night. This is what was on their car radios as they bounced from studio to the clubs on the Strip. “Last Train to Clarksville” wasn’t even a month old when it was played. Garage compilation staple “Psychotic Reaction” by Count Five had just come out that summer. Love was recording DA CAPO just down the road at the time!

Dig the weird pop art mix of commercials thought up by some Brooks Brothers-wearing Mad Men-esque Madison Avenue ad agency juxtaposed with the most hip, forward thinking rock of the time. The failures and hangovers of the 1960s and the high water mark that Hunter S. Thompson described so elegantly were still years off in the distance and possibly even unimaginable. Here is the beginning and its optimism and hope.

Talk about a time warp. It absolutely blows my mind, and I wasn’t even born yet.

If the player doesn’t give you the option of a download, here you go:

KHJ AM 930 LOS ANGELES September 7, 1966 FULL MP3 HERE


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