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This sounds amazing, and I had no idea how much of a hack job my CD was until I heard it. The most obvious difference is this is longer, and doesn’t edit Sara, which is one of the best songs on the album! Its info can be found here. I did not rip this personally, its lineage/equipment used can be read here. If you ripped this drop me a comment, you did a great job!

It’s a tall order, about 700mb per part. They’re not parts of a single archive so they can extract/play individually, each part ten tracks. They’re higher res than Redbook standard so you have to dither them down to 16/44 to burn them to CD. I’ll leave that up to you.

Again I included an MP3 version of the rip in case you just want to throw it on your iPod and whatnot. iTunes doesn’t play high end FLACs natively, I don’t believe. -Ian!

Like John said a few reviews ago, find this album on vinyl and burn your own cd. That’s what I’ve attempted to do, but my burner is broken. Anyway there are at least two major problems with the CD. Most people know that Sara is edited, and that you can actually hear the edit when it takes place (ouch!). But then there is also a practically new version of I Know I’m Not Wrong, and its horrible. I’m sure there are other differences, but I only played the CD twice, and then immediatly sold it. However, on vinyl, Tusk is a masterpiece. Lindsey Buckingham proves to be an excellent producer/songwriter. Of the 20 songs, 5 are stellar Buckingham songs: Save Me A Place, What Makes You Think You’re The One, That’s All For Everyone, I Know I’m Not Wrong, and Walk A Thin Line. Despite a few extremely slow parts (Brown Eyes, Beautiful Child), the other 15 songs are great. Anyway, YOU WANT THIS. Look for the vinyl. Tusk is BY FAR the greatest FM album, and my #3 favorite album of all time.

-SonOfPFunk, review of the CD

mu df

mu df
24/96 FLAC

zs df

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