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Another one from FUNK MY SOUL. I’m done biting their stylie for the night. But oh man, they have it all! This rip beats any of the CD versions I’ve heard! -Ian!

I often wonder what ever happened to the brothers who’d remained on active duty after serving in Nam and with whom I served in the mid and late seventies. Wherever I was stationed during that time period one of them was sure to be playing this album every evening. I worked with a number of them, women too – one troubled man gave me his bootleg album shortly before he died from alcohol poisoning.

We played “Back to the World” at the EM Club at the remote post in South Korea I was stationed in the mid 70’s; at the height of cold war juxpositioning and feeling like sitting ducks it seemed the thing to do especially for the many men and women among us who’d recently returned from ‘nam. Here was a popular successful singer and musician who cared about us, understood how we felt, how our returning brothers and sisters were being treated.

It’s been almost thirty years since I first heard this album, that first copy was lost long ago in a move. It thrills me to find it again as I remember dusty evenings with friends in a quonset hut barracks room singing “back to the world” with tears in our eyes as stories were told and too many drinks were drunk.

He spoke for those who served.


Curtis Mayfield-BACK TO THE WORLD (1973)
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