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I’m not going to dig up reviews for each volume of this 20 volume series. Rubble compiles UK freakbeat and is comparable to Nuggets, but with little overlap. Tons of super-rare singles taken from masters and acetates! -Ian!

The ‘psychedelic’ aspect of this collection is somewhat overplayed and may even put people off. This isn’t a collection of tuneless freakouts and fuzzy garage bands. Most of these records are high-quality British pop from the golden age – they just didn’t get airplay or even retrospective fame. Nothing really ‘trippy’ about bands like the Poets for instance – just quality pop from before it became ‘rock’ music. P&P are to be congratulated for putting this fine collection together – in this CD and download age, it’s quite possible that exquisite unknown records like The Parking Lot’s ‘World Spinning Sadly’ or Silk’s ‘Plaster Sky’ would never be heard again. There are a few bad ones of course – in 160 how could there not be? – and maybe a few that have (since?) been over-anthologised (Kaleidoscope, Tintern Abbey) but most are at least fascinating and a good number are astonishingly good. Only downer is album 9, which is all Dutch stuff and not really for me, although some may enjoy. The booklet is witty and informative and the compilers love for the music is infectious. If you love this magic period in British pop, and thought you’d heard it all, this is for you – the next best thing to finding a trasure trove of old 45s in a boot sale and playing your way through them.

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