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If you’re a fan of THE CRAMPS, you got to check this guy out. This has to be the most menacing Rockabilly/garage rock I’ve heard in quite a spell.

Elvis, Gene Vincent & the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis were obvious influences. And he certainly owes a lot to Link Wray I suspect. Though that might be due to the fact that Cole self-produced & released all the singles collected here.

So musically, this is familiar territory, but Cole’s brand of eerie intensity is like a distorted funhouse mirror of the Garage/ Rockabilly genre. It’s the kind of demented mania one finds on BAD MUSIC FOR BAD PEOPLE or Hasil Atkin’s OUT TO HUNCH. But unlike Lux Interior, there are no attempts here at camp humor. He really means it.

He attacks “Burn Baby Burn” with all the gusto of Screaming Jay Hawkins. I suppose it’s a murder ballad but where most songs employ a gun or knife, this guy uses a blow torch. The demonic fury of it all brings The Birthday Party to mind.

He may be going for touching sentimentality on the recitation ballad, “Always & Always” but he comes off more like a serial stalker than anything else.

On “The Devil’s Coming” he sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic summoning ol’ Beelzebub himself. Another stand out is “Black Sun” with it’s drunken piano & bended riffs. The songs’ apocalyptic imagry, brings Dylan’s “Hard Rain” to mind.

Call it disturbing, unintentionally hilarious or eccentric, this is INDY OR DIY before the phrases were coined. Garage Rockabilly at it’s finest & most furious.

-KH Cole, amazon

Stud Cole-BURN, BABY, BURN (1968)


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