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This one is apparently borderline unlistenable. Them’s the breaks. I accidentally misplaced this description on a previous show from the box, but this is the right place for it.


Nag’s Head, High Wycombe. 11th February 1977.
Mono. TG Rating 5/10.

“I make no apology for saying I am a lover of heavy, noisy, jarring ear-splitting music, I’m young and strong, and I can take it. But I had a job to keep my pint in my stomach as I listened to the muck which was Throbbing Gristle’s claim to fame… Our photographer gave up early. I wish I’d followed him. But I waited, and watched dumbfounded as Cosey Fanni Tutti bared both her chest and her ignorance of music, and Genesis poured artificial blood over his head then spat it onto the stage. At least he did stop playing for a while – but only to shout obscenities at the audience and to throw a table across the hall. Then he invited half a dozen youngsters from the cat-calling and jeering audience onto the stage and handed them the instruments. They sounded better then Throbbing Gristle, even though they couldn’t play a note. The landlord, Mick Fitzgibbon, told me that the youngsters were about ready to throw Genesis P-Orridge, plus his equipment, bodily through the door. ‘I’ll never have them back here,’ he said. ‘The kids were threatening to punch the promoter and I don’t blame them.'” [Keith Baldock, Bucks Free Press, Midweek Issue]

“After thirty minutes all the faults of the hasty equipment erection, mingled with the frustrations of the band, came to a head. Cosey’s lead guitar ceased to exist. The fault could not be located quickly and rectified… Cosey took the only course open to her; she strolled off stage and sat in the audience… The position on stage was becoming impossible. Chris walked off and headed for the toilet. Gen was left alone on stage, still plucking at his dominant throbbing bass guitar, adding vocals whilst Sleazy… was having trouble off-stage slotting in tapes and loops. The set-up was crumbling… Some of the audience, particularly around the bar, were becoming restless. Gen met the challenge. Still pounding his bass, stretching the lead, he climbed into the audience and jeered, insulted and provoked the audience, collectively and individually, concentrating on the restless members, beckoning one of them to accompany him onto the stage. Once there Gen transferred the bass to him and left the ‘musician’ pounding away in his turn, before himself jumping back into the audience, running amok, overturning a table and its beer mugs, insulting and provoking others to take the stage.” [Paul Buck, eyewitness]

Track One (60’00”)

00’00” Introduction
02’29” Very Friendly
21’36” We Hate You
24’00” Instrumental “You’ll notice for the next hour I play one string.”
31’51” Slug Bait
36’54” Instrumental “You can’t have anarchy and play music, it’s not the same thing.”
39’33” Zyklon B Zombie
47’32” ‘If I was a Little Baby’ with members of the audience
48’24” Wall of Sound “What’s it about?” “Not an awful lot.”
53’23” (Performance ends) “That sounds better!”
59’58” (Recording ends)

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