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Some numbers on downloads since I started using multiupload, about a week ago:

Click for biglies

I’m surprised by how much this stuff is being downloaded! I thought this blog had about 1/3 of the reach it actually does. I do wish multiupload said the total download bandwidth. The best guess I have is that over ten months, mediafire said 10tb, and mediafire was roughly 1/3 of my uploads up to that point. As of this new data, I’ve moved roughly 300gb since last week. I am keeping in mind that includes people posting my links elsewhere (totally cool with me, by the way), which I sort of count as “reach” of this blog even if it isn’t conscious on some downloader’s part.

Also, some surprises in what people downloaded specifically. I’m surprised that many people would get the Voyager recordings over some pop/rock stuff. Pleasantly so that people got SHORT EYES, which is such a killer album.

I actually have no numbers on hits/pageviews, time spent on pageviews, etc. I don’t really put much faith in such things, considering the amount of bots crawling the web for whatever reason. Is there a reliable free method to see such numbers? Google analytics? Actual downloads just feels like the “real” numbers to me.

Anyway, just thought I’d share what this blog looks like on my end a little.


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