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You heard me! I’m messing around with some logos but I’m not entirely happy with what I’m coming up with. So, if you’re a Photoshoppy type and would like some fairly anonymous Internet props from weird music fanatics you’ll never meet, come up with something and link to it in the comments!

I only have a few requirements:

  • It needs to say ZAMBONI or ZAMBONISOUNDTRACKS (space optional) or some fairly clear variant.
  • End result should be 700-720 pixels wide, no more than 500 high.
  • .PNG format, JPG compression does nasty things to logos.
This is for fun, I’m not paying you. But, I will put “LOGO BY” in the “About” section on the right, and some linking to whatever, whenever you like. I wonder if I command enough traffic that such a thing is a bargaining chip.
Anyway, make a cool logo!

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