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I put up some files there recently and I’m starting to wonder if they’re just going to delete them after a couple days. It says “The files are kept forever as long as they are being downloaded” in their About Us page, but I wonder if that only applies to paid accounts?

It sure is nice to use something with a clean interface that doesn’t bombard people with naked lady ads.

Think I’m going to hold off using it further to see if what I’ve uploaded is still there a week or two from now. Have you used it? Do you still have files up there from months ago? Do you have a membership? Etc.

Somebody earlier suggested an FTP site but I’m pretty sure that would get shut down unless I switched to majorly obscure/OOP stuff 100% of the time. Also, through mediafire alone this blog moves like 500gb/month. What would it cost if I was PAYING for that? I just put an AD FREE BLOG banner on here for a reason.


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