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Very happy with the feel of this mix. I wanted to start off with a winter theme but it’s hard to stick to a theme like that without it being an unlistenable bummer. I’ve been really into psychedelic cowboy and Los Angeles 1960s studio pop lately. Lee Hazlewood, The Monkees, Curt Boettcher. Speaking of that, man you gotta get the new NUGGETS comp.

This mix feels, to me, like traveling. The reality of traveling. The excitement of inertia and its fade into tedium. Sits well with being stuck in the airport, wondering if you have time to get the all important drink before boarding, jetlag. Taxis and Taxiing. Not knowing what’s day or night anywhere anymore. Not knowing the language anyone is speaking.

Click for biggens.

Works in iTunes, just use the .M3U file included. It’s actually a pain in the ass to get tags to work between iTunes and Foobar, iTunes tends to mess tags up or do something proprietary to them. Dunno. But this worked okay.

WE ALL MAKE THE FLOWERS GROW: A Mix from Ian! for Winter 2009/2010


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