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This isn’t an official release from what I can gather. In fact, I have no actual information on the source of this compilation. So, if you know where it’s from, or you compiled it, drop me a line.

That said, Curt Boettcher is really a name that should be mentioned as often, and with the same reverence, as Brian Wilson. Don’t know where to begin with this guy? Here, listen to this. It’s from the 1968 album BEGIN by The Millennium, Boettcher’s studio project. He also worked with Gary Usher constantly, like on THE NOTORIOUS BYRD BROTHERS (an album I am currently obsessed with), and Sagittarius. He also produced that amazing first Emitt Rhodes album. Eventually it occurred to me that this guy’s name is on almost every American album I love from 1965-72.

This compiles, apparently, every single (or at least a LOT of them, “all” might be an impossible task) on which Boettcher had a production credit, over four discs. Including his pre-Millennium bands The Ballroom and The GoldeBriars. This is must-get to me, I don’t know about you.




  1. thanx for this, keep the sunshine alive !

    • Rocket Robin hood
    • Posted November 27, 2009 at 4:41 pm
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    Hey man!I just discovered your page a few weeks ago. I keep coming back for more. You and I have very similar tastes, and the oddities and stuff you post are just fantastic. I wanted to thank you! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for this. I agree that The Notorious Byrd Brothers is a stunning piece of work. Draft Morning alone would be enough place it amongst my favorites.Your blog rules.James

  3. Hi, how about upping THE MILLENNUIM's AGAIN (came out on poptones)?i just cant seem to find it here in my cd closet..

  4. I don't have AGAIN, but I do have the 3 CD box MAGIC TIME that compiles Ballroom and Millennium sessions.Not sure about the amount of overlap between the two.At what point is it overkill to upload all this Boettcher stuff? If you download 'em, I'll upload 'em! just give me a day or so.

  5. For me, Boettcher overkill is the only way to go. He's been in the shadows for too long, but he's right up there, with Wilson and Spector, as a sixties studio pioneer. Looking forward to hearing this very much – thanks!You might enjoy this:… it's a three-hour unbroken mix of sitar and fingercymbal blur and shimmer – some obvious choices, some headscratchers, but all in the same mood and mode … beautiful sounds, man! If you need help identifying any of it, email me with the timing.

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