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The Strokes-IS THIS IT
Stars of the Lid-THE TIRED SOUNDS OF…
Reigning Sound-TOO MUCH GUITAR

Dunno. That feels right, but also safe. It was my gut reaction, at least.



  1. That Pheonix album is good, but top ten of the decade good?Otherwise, good looking list.

  2. I'm with you 100% on Too Much Guitar (most underrated too) and Is This It. I prefer It's Never Been Like That for Phoenix. It's not balls-out like Wolfgang but a loose and complete listen. I'll take Outkast Stankonia over the Blueprint. Great site.

  3. The strokes? WTF? Really too safe, try harder.

  4. it's his list douchebag. sometimes people get lucky. the strokes got lucky on their first album. too safe? what the hell does that even mean.

  5. Fight nice, kids.

  6. Reigning Sound(Detroit Cobras too) are the most under-appreciated band in the USA. I love Too Much Guitar but I think Time Bomb High School with those organ fills gets my vote. Good looking list. No Shins?

  7. if we're already discussing phoenix, as much i think the new record feels like a rush of energy everytime it's played, especially 1901, somehow, Its Never Been Like That still seems like a better record to me, rally quite possibly being their best song. i just missed reigning sound play toronto on sunday because of work. boo for me.

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