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I too immediately grabbed this from the bin of the used CD shop, figuring I’d either love it, or if I didn’t would easily be able to pass it along to someone who would (it reeked of collectibility, as well as weirdness). I don’t know if I love it exactly, but parts of track one alone turned out to be enough to keep it.

The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra is an all-star ensemble that gathers an amazing proportion of the luminaries of the free jazz movement in a single live performance (to wit: Don Cherry, Tomasz Stanko, Albert Mangelsdorff, Peter Brotzman, Han Bennink, Terje Rypdal, Kenny Wheeler, Willem Breuker, Gunter Hampel, …).

This is at times a challenging listen (as free jazz often is), yet there’s also a distinct cohesiveness prevailing through a series of fine grooves in track one. Track two is interesting despite what the other reviews might lead you to think. Track three melds avant-classical composition with free jazz improv, for another performance that has unique merits. I’d like to hear the rest of the show (since this disc seems to be just part of it). Overall pretty sweet… and worth seeking out.

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Don Cherry & Krzysztof Penderecki with The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra-ACTIONS (1971)



  1. Wow! What a find, I had no idea that this even existed. thank you SO much…hope you don't mind that i am going to link to this at my blog. If you do please tell me and i will remove.Regards/

  2. Link away, no problems here!For future reference, anybody can link anything they want from here. I don't mind.

  3. Sorry/That is the second time that the d/load has failed in the last half an hour…get about half way through and then it suddenly stops and says something like "d/load failed cannot be found at source"!!! I am d/loading other stuff and having NO probs. Could be this end but…Man I hope the powers don't stop me from hearing this! Thanx for the OK btw!Regards/

  4. Many thanks, found this via exile on moan street. you have a great blog, looking forward to exploring

  5. Thanx man. Fourth time lucky, I have no idea what is going on there at all???Regards/

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