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Every time I upload to mediafire lately it corrupts the archive. If I upload the same .rar to megaupload, then download it myself, it extracts fine. Go figure. HOSIANNA MANTRA is fine now.



  1. shame they're proving unreliable, because one of the things I always dig about Mediafire is the absence of waiting times.guess they're the 'nice but flawed' filehoster; the Clinton to Rapidshare's George W Bush, perhaps?

  2. Twice in two months I got malware from Megaupload. It loads a bunch of shit icons(pair of tits that says Then its nice enough to offer an anti-malware program for 20bucks. Be on the lookout.

  3. noscript, privoxy and adblock are your friendshttp://noscript.net, DON'T sign up for a megaupload account, you don't need to. you shouldn't be doing ANYTHING on these sites but getting the file.

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