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Check ’em out sometime:

SYSTEMS OF ROMANCE: Excellent collection of rare/obscure synth, new wave, post-punk, noise and new romantic stuff.

PBTHAL’s VINYL RIPS: Cannot recommend this enough. This guy has been making high resolution rips of vintage, rare and first pressing vinyl for years and he just started a blog. Limited selection of his best rips right now, he just got started. You can find many more in torrent world. I highly, highly recommend that LET IT BLEED rip, the BIG STAR stuff, and the LED ZEP albums. See what the fuss with vintage vinyl is actually about, and why albums were done right the first time and most remasters are really crap.



  1. I'll check these links out, but I'm commenting to congratulate and thank you for a fascinating blog. I'm discovering a lot of stuff that's new to me (downloading Trees as I type) and picking up a few old favorites (the Sinatra albums are impeccable choices). I also enjoy your careful selection of cut-n-paste reviews mixed with your own.Thanks again!

  2. Appreciate the words. You're going to love that Trees album.As far as the reviews are concerned, I really would rather write my own reviews for all the albums myself, but I simply don't have the time (not to mention the skill, probably) to review all these albums myself. I don't like a lot of reviews I paste for many reasons, but I use them anyway to give a sense of what the album is like. If an album strikes a particular chord with me, or I think the review is unfair, I'll add some comments.Basically, if I were to write all the reviews myself, I would need it to cover the time lost somehow. It would need to be a paying job, and I would have to stop uploading the albums because I wouldn't want to make a profit off of artists' work.Just some stuff that's been on my mind about this blog, not directed at you in particular. Thanks for enjoying!

  3. Those blogs are cool, and I appreciate the links, but you still rule over them in my opinion. Seriously I have scoured the vasty net and not found the likes of Zamboni anywhere.

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