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Love Nardwuar, he just got a show on WFMU!

Been rocking the leak of Nirvana LIVE AT READING since last night, kind of blows away all the crappy wussy Panda Grizzly indie rock of the past couple years. It was like a welcome, joyous relief to hear them kick right into “Breed”.



  1. judging by this video Courtney seems like the only okay person. Krist seems like the worst dude. Anyone who doesn't respect nardwaur deserves a shotgun blast to the face OH WOOPS

  2. I gotta say I ended up thinking similarly. Admittedly they did just get done playing, and Nirvana was facing the most pressure from corporate interests and whatever else was going on, and Kurt was mere months away from his death…But Courtney, whom we are practically programmed to dislike, comes off as a genuinely fun and interesting person. After watching this I'd much rather hang out with Nardwuar and Courtney than anyone else in the room.

  3. if it weren't for Kurt none of those people'd be there, this post wouldn't even exist, etc.I guess Kurt was made a god because he sold massive amounts of records and was smart, and because of the way he died. I wonder who actually liked Nirvana, and who just bought their records and "liked" them because of how uncool it would been not to.The best phrase for me is : "Are you into Dr. Demento?" hahaha!

  4. That guy's voice makes nails on a chalkboard sound like pure bliss.

  5. Some dumb comments here.

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