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Hey I made this mix about a month ago and it’s sort of a best-of for this blog, as I think every song’s album can be found here.

01. modernettes – barbra
02. paul mccartney – coming up
03. george harrison – woman don’t you cry for me
04. jorge ben – ponta de lanca africano (umbabarauma)
05. caetano veloso – lost in the paradise
06. 13th floor elevators – slip inside this house
07. creedence clearwater revival – ramble tamble
08. devo – uncontrollable urge (live at max’s kansas city 1977)
09. dow jones & the industrials – ladies with appliances
10. meat puppets – look at the rain
11. tiger trap – supercrush
12. suburban lawns – janitor
13. xtc – making plans for nigel
14. faust – jennifer
15. david bowie – sweet thing/candidate/sweet thing reprise
16. the tornados – telstar

256-320kbps, might need to use the m3u file


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  1. It's tough being bill. Yer blog is sublime.

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