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When Demonoid was still up, it had a growing homemade vinyl recording scene. One of the best dudes in the scene was pbthal. He made great, high resolution recordings of vintage first pressings of classic albums. Here’s his recordings of Big Star’s first two LPs, which I’ve always thought were just a tiny bit shrill on CD. These original waxes from Ardent circa early/mid 70s have a little more thickness in the bottom end.

You probably don’t need me to explain to you how important these records are now.

The original recordings are 24bit with a sample rate of 192khz, and are available in torrent world if you look around. For these uploads I folded them down to regular old 320kbps MP3s. They still sound better than that tired old double pack CD from the early 90s, to me. Enjoy!

#1 RECORD (1972)
320kbps from FLAC




  2. Thanks a lot, dude. I agree about the sound of the CD versions so I was excited to get these.

  3. it's not a drastic difference so i hope i didn't set the bar too high

  4. pbthal.blogspot.compass it on:)

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