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Recorded with little rehearsal and only two acoustic guitars (plus a percussionist) for accompaniment, Gil e Jorge focuses squarely on the individual talents of Gilberto Gil and Jorge Ben as musicians, vocalists, performers, and improvisers. Of course, they prove up to the task. The nine lengthy tracks on the album (it was originally configured as a double LP) feature Gil and Ben interacting to a high degree, trading lines and often repeating them several times. The best tracks here — “Nega,” “Taj Mahal,” and “Meu Glorioso Sao Cristovao” — are highly rhythmic and have the heft of ancient Brazilian folksongs. Unfortunately, there isn’t another record in Gil’s discography even remotely close to it.

-John Bush,

Gilberto Gil & Jorge Ben-GIL E JORGE (1975)



  1. You're not a fan of any of Gilberto Gil's other stuff? What about his album recorded while in exile in London? Pretty phenomenal, with lyrics in English and trippy, laid back music.

  2. I didn't write the review. I have Gil's first album and probably something else I'm forgetting uploaded here.

  3. Welcome back, Ian. Some AMG reviews make me wonder how much time the reviewers have spent listening to an artist. For example this particular record is Gil's most famous, but because Rod Stewart got sued for stealing the melody from "Taj Mahal" for "If you think I'm sexy," not because it's in any way his greatest moment. Just for the record: Expresso 2222 was a great (and more focused) album, regardless of what this John Bush clown says.

  4. The "Taj Mahal" track in any case is a Jorge Ben tune and Gils's and also this wasn't the original recording Ben had recorded it much earlier. Two great artists none the less. If you want to hear more of the GREAT Jorge Ben ( and you should) check this out from the BAISTOPHE Blog, which does home made compilations. 2 CDs of the Jorge Bens finest. was priducing some amazing music from the mid 60s to mid 70s.

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