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This soundtrack captures the various moods of a spacy film starring Mick Jagger as a reclusive rock star whose home is invaded by a fleeing gangster. On the opening track, Randy Newman is driven hard by Ry Cooder’s fierce slide guitar. If you listen closely, you can hear the laconic Newman almost crack up laughing as he rocks like never before or since. Other musical notables include Merry Clayton and Buffy Sainte-Marie. Veteran producer Jack Nitzsche wrote most of the tunes, a notable exception being “Memo From Turner,” penned by Jagger and Keith Richards. Listening to only the soundtrack, you miss the bizarre context of the movie, but this is one interesting listen.

-Mark Allan,

Various Artists-PERFORMANCE OST (1970)



  1. This = my favorite film, seen in theatres at least a dozen times; and a big part of this magical movie's magic depends on Nitzsche: Cammell had the good sense to give the composer a soundless copy of the film, and say "Score it". Jack reports that this was his happiest experience in movie-scoring; the filmmaker [previously primarily a painter] gave him total carte blanche and powder-blanche also, hee-hee: periodic supplies of drug to fuel the music maniac's creativity.*And creative he got, Svengali-ing great performances out of the new material [and instruments– Moog it up baby!] used and having the humble sense to use other artists' recorded work where it'd fit best.The music in this film ends up as important as the main characters, takes it to unforeseen but evocative haunting places!*source: REBEL MUSIC by H Kubernick…=my RYM review!

  2. i just saw it last night, i love that stream of consciousness roeg editing style

  3. "Memo from Turner" is just one of the best things Jagger-Richards ever did and Jagger's best outing not under the Stones' banner. As you say, the Randy Newman track is a beauty and the record has other nice moments that make it well worth having. I only have the vinyl so thanks for the post.

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