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Dub’s golden age dates from the mid-seventies to the early 1980s, when the genre’s most creative forces were heavily active and the dub album was a widely employed format. Both volumes of Dub Landing clock in at the latter end of the scale, bookending the classic period, representing two of the last great ‘classical’ dub albums ever put together in Jamaica, before the digital form of computerized dancehall delivered a killer blow to the longevity of straight dub albums. Produced by Linval Thompson, mixed by Scientist and released in 1981, Dub Landing Volume 1 starts out deep in premo dub territory, with a mighty powerful dub reformation of Al Campbell’s excellent ‘Unfaithful Children,’ here showcasing Scientist’s exceptional skills of deconstruction and reconstruction, evidencing his untouchable mixing credentials. Believe.

A prime document of the last days of classic dub, Volume 2 of Dub Landing, was originally released in 1982 and features unbelievable dubs from both Scientist and Prince, soon to be King Jammy. Stepping out strong with a typical, elliptical dub of the Viceroy’s ‘I’m Trying On,’ from their wonderful We Must Unite album. Dub Landing 2 recalls the final days of dub glory at King Tubby’s studio, before computer circuitry spelled the death-knell for classical Jamaican dub; listen again and marvel at the dub creativity of Scientist and Prince Jammy. Essential volumes both.


DUB LANDING VOl. 1 (1981)
DUB LANDING VOl. 2 (1982)



  1. Hey man-The blog has been amazing recently. This is a really great mix of stuff. Really glad you found something to love in the Creation Rebel and Scientist albums. Love the eclectic mix of great tunes you have on here. If you need leads on other great Jamaican albums, I can send you some links… hit me up at my website contact form, or just email

  2. I got chastised earlier by a dude who got mad that I shared his album on here, and in some cases he's right about his reasoning.But here's a prime example for the argument for sharing albums like this.Scientist doesn't get a dime from Greensleeves for these classic albums due to a scammy contract wherein he is labeled as a 'technician' on his albums, and the head of the label is technically the 'artist'. He's currently trying , legally, to at least get SOMETHING from his massive exposure in Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto series.Poor guy.

  3. True that.Also with stuff like this – 5 years ago I never listened to dub / reggae. I just thought it was all poppy Bob Marley stuff and didn't give it the time of day. Heard a bit of Lee Perry and this started to make me think that there was something more to it. It was through people sharing albums online – most of these albums long out of print, and selling for silly amounts on ebay (no royalties to the artists there, either) that I was able to figure out which artists / producers I like, and which I dont. The result is that I have now spend lots of money on legitimate releases and old vinyl that I would never have spent if I hadnt been able to use the internet to sift through the hundreds of thousands of albums that are out there, and figure out where my interests really lay.I've been a music fan all my life, but i have to say that I probably listen to – and buy – more music now than ever. Which I am happy about, although my bank account disagrees.Plus, having worked in bands for major labels, I know what a bunch of corrupt, robbing bastards they are first hand, ha ha.

  4. Interesting info re: Greensleeves. I have heard that a LOT of the Jamaican labels operated like this, but never knew one as big as Greensleeves was so dirty.These albums though, my god, just NUTS! Amazing fat killer dubs. Gracias for the postage.

  5. Real heads know this is tuffer than tuff. Thank you for spreading love. Peace.

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