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You can sort of tell this review is dated, as it seems to long for Invisibl Skratch Piklz-style turntablism over it. It doesn’t require it to me. -Ian!

After killing off his Dr. Octagon alias and resurrecting himself as an intergalactic Little Richard named Black Elvis (coiffured appropriately), Kool Keith returned in 1999 with his much-anticipated debut for Ruffhouse. Compared to the scatological bombast sprayed all over his First Come, First Served LP (released as Dr. Dooom on his own Funky Ass label earlier that year), Black Elvis/Lost in Space is remarkably tame. And despite jettisoning cohorts the Automator and DJ QBert, the results sound surprisingly similar to the Dr. Octagon album: sparse 808 beats, a few bizarre, faintly menacing organ lines for hooks, and a sample or two the likes of which have never been heard on a Dr. Dre record (like the odd banjo pickings on “Livin’ Astro”). Also cropping up are a few of Keith’s patented psychedelic nightmares (reminiscent of “Blue Flowers” and “Earth People”), including “Lost in Space,” “Rockets on the Battlefield,” and “I’m Seein’ Robots.” For “Supergalactic Lover,” Keith injects a bit of stuttered Timbaland funk into the mix, though this tale of sexual prowess is appropriately schizoid. If Black Elvis/Lost in Space doesn’t make quite the splash of 1996’s Dr. Octagon, it’s mostly because there’s a distinct sense that Kool Keith is retreading familiar (through incredibly fun) territory. One thing’s for sure, DJ QBert’s scratching is definitely missed.

-John Bush,




  1. This is some good bloggin' here. The posts are all over the map, and chock full of great stuff. Thanks for the sack full o' 13th Floor Elevators and the massive amount of garage rock in particular, the soul and the avante-garde in general. Keep it up!–Nyal

  2. kool keith is tops, his rhyming style is in a league of its own. The ultramagnetic mc's are great too.

  3. Keith is absurdly ahead of his time.

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