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Get it now because I’m not re-upping it again! DO IT



  1. Ok, now where is it?

  2. DMCA takedown! Shakedown!

  3. Dang they are fast!

  4. Damn. Also, that was great to re-up the XTC albums but do you know the tracks are still wrong? At least on the one I checked, The Big Express?

  5. what's wrong with them? the tags? just retag them with freedb or whatever to your liking. they appear totally fine in foobar.

  6. if you mean that the bonus tracks were dropped into the middle of the album, that's not me. that's the way the reissues were sequenced.

  7. Oh thanks for the explanatory pic! Very cool. Well, it seemed like 'I remeber the sun' was totally absent – there was a track with its name but the actual track was not there (misnamed or not). And yeah, those bonus tracks threw me off at first for sure. But yeah the tracks were misnamed too, though that can be fixed. If you're interested I found this thread. I didn't download your other XTC posts once I'd seen that Big Express was missing stuff and misnamed, so I don't know if the others are missing tracks too. Or maybe that song was cut from the reissue you posted. I dunno. But on that thread is good rip of the album, as well as the most decent rips of their stuff post Skylarking I've seen online…

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