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Re-up. Old one died. Yeah, this isn’t obscure.. or underrated, or whatever. It’s just the best ever. I can’t ever decide on a best Bowie album. The world wants me to choose LOW and for years I would have, but if you asked me what Bowie album I would recommend as your FIRST Bowie listen, it would be this album. This is the Rykodisc reissue from 1992, with those good bonus tracks but without the shitty loudness war remastering you hear on the later Virgin run of reissues. -Ian!

Bowie began the ’80s by translating the druggy experiments of his late-’70s albums into a new wave record that’s dark, berserk, funky and drunk on alienated weirdness. He repudiates his old fascination with fascism, dismisses “Space Oddity”’s Major Tom as a junkie and sings with actorly abandon over jagged, poison-tipped arrangements. The album also features the most futuristic guitar playing in his discography, especially Robert Fripp’s five-dimensional warp-spasm solos. With appropriate perversity, instead of touring, Bowie starred in the Broadway production of The Elephant Man.

-Blender Magazine



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  1. total agreement. LOVE this one!!

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