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If that is an actual name and not a pseudonym (or either way I guess), then it might absolve all the past sins of Allmusic. -Ian!

The Unboxed Set is exactly what the title implies; a single disc compilation that includes all four of the Angry Samoans’ official pre-breakup 12″ releases, including their classic 1982 release, Back from Samoa. One of the truly great ’80s punk bands, the music of the Angry Samoans contained all the right elements: juvenile humor, raging barre chords, snotty vocals, and most importantly, a strong sense of justice and the everyman (except, unfortunately, when it came to homosexuals). In addition, they also had an unusually tight rhythm section and great pop songwriting instincts that placed them several notches above their contemporaries. All this is in evidence here, from vocalist “Metal” Mike Saunders’ primordial screams on “Ballad of Jerry Curlan” to the hilarious faux-folk of “STP not LSD.” Also included in the package are truly inspired liner notes from guitarist Gregg Turner, which perfectly capture the band’s recklessness, nihilism and uncompromising punk attitude.

-Pemberton Roach,

Angry Samoans-THE UNBOXED SET (1995 compilation)



  1. Hey Ian, I've been on the look out for some good drone stuff for my ipod. It's been kind of arduous not knowing where to start. Most of what I've heard has sounded either cheap or kind of pretentious. I do like Oneohtrix Point Never. But I know you have good taste so do you have any recommendations?

  2. Caleb did you check out Ian's post of Coil's Times Machines (harharharhar)Seriously though, it's a great drone album. Also it's not exactly drone but that Klaus Schulze "Cyborg" set might help.Personally, I think Brian Eno's Discreet Music (that piece/track not the add ons) and Stars Of The Lid's "Tired Sounds Of…" are the most beautiful drone-y music I've heard.Since you mentione Oneohtrix Point Never, you might want to check out the blog 20jazzfunkgreats, if you haven't seen it already. That place will turn you on to oodles of bands like that…

  3. hellyeah!thanks for this

  4. hey! you drone people, have you lost your marbles?This is an Angry Samoans post, DO NOT FORGET THAT.And thanx Ian, you must be appointed Great Priest of 80's great intentions and whatever spawns were begat by them.hasta la pasta.

  5. The angry samoans spit on your drone.

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