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Two year anniversary post of this blog, figured I would re-up the first album I put on here. -Ian!

Are any of these Colgems LP’s available on CD yet? It’s CRAZY that this one isn’t. Yes, it’s THAT Quincy Jones. But before you think you know what the deal is, stop. This is the score to the 1967 thriller In Cold Blood based on the book by Truman Capote.

Mm-hm, the actor Robert Blake is the guy who’s in jail for killing his wife a little while ago, and yes, it’s all very strange and ironic. This is a dark fucking movie. The music fits. The soundtrack is like a jazz/blues odyssey into nightmare and horror.

Can you believe that there are parts for walking bass, mouth pops, and orchestral atonal chord clusters? How about tabla and clavinet with timpani and orchestral brass drenched in reverb? Totally beautiful themes and orchestration are bisected by creepy broken music-box melodies, like nursery rhymes gone haywire with drones in the bass section on the wrong note. All the clichés picked up by horror movie composers years later are here first. Instrumental combinations and cuts between unlikely jazz and the usual noir film soundtrack elements recall ’80s and early ’90s John Zorn, only 25 or so years earlier. This is Quincy Jones? You can’t even believe how ahead of its time this was. But forget that.

It’s still by far the best combination of jazz/blues and avant garde orchestral sickness around. Apparently because the task of scoring a fucked up and eminently human film about a violent man’s descent into darkness and the inescapable torment of his conscience fell into the hands of one of the most capable and innovative arrangers ever. Those were the days, apparently..”

-Web Of Mimicry Records

Quincy Jones-IN COLD BLOOD OST (1967)



  1. It's Robert Blake, not Robert Wagner. I know it's a quote from somewhere else, but still…

  2. I didn't even read it, that's how important it was to me.

  3. many thanks appreciated

  4. Thanks. I've been looking for this for ages but there's some problem with downloading it. The file doesn't appear after I click the download link. Mediafire just reproduces the same screen. Is there something up with the link or mediafire? Or could it just be my computer?

  5. It works on my end, try another browser?

  6. Thanks, works now with Firefox, which I was using earlier. Don't know what was wrong. Cheers.

  7. You know what? I just noticed mediafire doing the same thing on an unrelated file!Mediafire has been screwing up a lot lately, I have to wonder if its house of cards is about to collapse.I'm not looking forward to the prospect of re-uploading over half this blog if mediafire disappears. Yeesh.

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