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There is actually no TEENLINE #104, but I did find something labeled as such that does have great powerpop songs on it. I’ve seen it listed as TEENLINE #4 on playlists from WFMU. I don’t know though. So, if you know what the deal with that is, let me know. It could be another comp mislabeled. It’s really good though!

Here are TEENLINE #101 & #102 also!




  1. The #4 you speak of must be from the original Teenline cd-r series, which came out before H2D began the #100 series revisions. I know they have their reasons, but I must say it's little disappointing for those of us who were mail-ordering them from the start, with about 60 percent of all the original teenline/messthetics/homework stuff being constantly repackaged.

  2. Aha! Yes, thank you! I've been meaning to pick up those $50ish full run packages for TEENLINE and HOMEWORK myself, but they always end up bumped to the back of the list somehow.

  3. Ouch! .rar files! I can't open them. Boo. :(Other blogs ONLY do .rar files. You tease it! That makes it hurt so much more.Please do zips? Pleasee!?!??????pleeeeease?

  4. Thanks for these. Love this blog!I might just be stupid but is the link to Teenline 1 adn 2 still working? Couldn't get it to work once it downloaded.

  5. Yes, it works.

  6. hurrah, i'm so glad to see more Teenline stuff posted. Thanks!

  7. Excellent…thanks!! Do you have the other volumes??

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