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I love you guys but yeeesh it’s not a big deal.

Just install RAR software, there are options for every operating system. Here are some.

MAC: Rar Expander
MAC: Stuffit Expander

It’s not hard. I believe in you.



  1. Good call.

  2. This is my favorite music blog; don't change a thing!

  3. Jeezus, people are complaining about RARs? Really? That's kind of scary.

  4. This is also my favorite blog.Ian, Your recommendations are always stellar. You've introduced me to a buttload of important music and I thank you for it!

  5. oh jeepers thanks guys

  6. rar's are the wave of the future. this blog is the best.

  7. Crissakes… as if a free batch decoder for RARs weren't out there!Have some, good peoples:

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