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AMG reviews for older albums tend to have been written with a less than objective eye I think. 1990s people sucked at looking at 70s albums in the proper context and with the proper reverence. This is one of the post-Beatle albums that falls through the cracks. I liked this review because of the imagery of the Kroger manager who probably had mutton chops dancing to the opening song. -Ian!

This late 1976 release was generally well-received at the time, with a renewed Harrison doing plenty of promotion (Saturday Night Live) and having songs such as “This Song” and “Crackerbox Palace” all-but-saturating the airwaves.

I remember the funky “Woman Don’t You Cry For Me” playing over the PA at Kroger, where I worked back then. The assistant manager (who was in his 50s or 60s) boogied in the backroom to this tune! And recently, with the remastered CD in the car stereo, the opening bass line played as I entered a parking garage. The attendant said “Turn it up, I like that!” Of course, he probably had no idea who he was hearing…

It’s too bad many just don’t give solo George Harrison music a fair airing, and that includes the music press. THIRTY THREE & 1/3 always was one of my favorite George albums, despite a production that gets cluttered with horns and keyboards. Can you imagine how this Top 11, Gold album with two Top 30 singles would have fared had George toured in spring 1977, which had been rumored?

Even still, it is worth picking up now, in remastered form, with new liner notes and photos. The bonus track is the fine “Tears of the World,” which should have been added to Somewhere in England instead of this one… It would have been nice to hear a 1970 demo of the excellent “Beautiful Girl” instead.

It falls behind ATMP on the pecking order of Harrison’s career output, but it is right up there with Cloud Nine, the No. 1 Living in the Material World and the underrated 1979 album, George Harrison. If you don’t shell out for the highly recommended “Dark Horse Years 1976-1992,” Harrison and Beatles fans alike should buy this one! You won’t be disappointed.

-some guy,

George Harrison-THIRTY THREE & 1/3 (1976)



  1. i'm sort of desperate for this album, but the link is broken! can you fix it please? thanks!

  2. yes ma'am, give me a couple hours from now!

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