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Switzerland’s Off Course label was the first to issue this infamous double-disc set in 1993, which contains the entire recorded outputs of Kleenex and the following Liliput. It went out of print shortly after release, and since it was on a small label to begin with, not many were able to obtain it before its collector value shot through the roof. With the gradual, steady rise of female-dominated bands in the ’80s and ’90s who followed their path, this compilation became a holy grail.

Thanks to some goading from journalist Jason Gross and involvement from the Kill Rock Stars label (who are paying a musical debt here), Kleenex and Liliput constant Marlene Marder saw to it that the compilation became available again. Aside from the two Liliput LPs (1982’s Liliput and 1983’s weaker Some Songs), the compilation includes four singles, one EP, and another LP’s worth of intermittent outtakes and unreleased material. The Rough Trade singles differ greatly from one another, each holding a high level of quality. The unreleased material doesn’t match the hot singles or great first LP, but it’s enough to qualify as gravy. As to whether or not these recordings were worthy of hundreds of dollars, that can only be judged by those who paid such a sum. What’s collected here certainly belongs in the same realm as the other great, pioneering, female-dominated bands of the time. Liliput were one of the finest in their field, male or female. From their punkier singles as Kleenex to their more avant-garde developments as Liliput, this compilation offers over two solid hours of great music that hasn’t depreciated at all. In light of all the bands they’ve inspired, this stuff probably sounds even better than it did when it was first issued.

-Andy Kellman,

Kleenex/Liliput-KLEENEX/LILIPUT (1993 compilation)



  1. Unlike the sketchy Delta 5 compilation this is what a compilation should look like. Even though it doesn't feature everything from the Swiss girl band it is pretty comprehensive and should satisfy even the most avid fan. Thank you Ian.

  2. the links are down now. any chance of a re-up? been looking for this album for a long time.

  3. fixed!get it while you can, i don't see it lasting long!

  4. thanks a lot for the re-up man. u've got a great blog here btw.

  5. Without a doubt, one of the most remarkable punk/post-punk groups in the annals of rock. Highly original and creative, a true tour de force. Extremely highly recommended.

  6. great!!!thanks a lot fo the re up

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