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As it originally appeared in the Bloomington Voice in 1997, created by Eric White of Panics and ESAD fame. It’s cut off but you get the idea.

It was updated later on:



  1. wtf? i thought i was pretty up on my post-punk/new wave but i'm only familiar with a few of these bands. pretty exciting tho, lots to research 🙂 thanks for posting this ian.

  2. whoa, this is rad.

  3. Essential for anyone from Bloomington Indiana.

  4. Hey Ian, figured you had to be from B-ton. Downloaded a bunch of cool stuff from your site. Thanks for all the cool posts. Don Trubey's update is great, I never saw that one. I'm from: The Belgian Waffles!, Birth & Mirth, Fuck Your Stupid Civilization, Disney Fixtures, Rump Rangers, Sick City Rhythm Boys, Scar of Indiana Drum and Machine Corpse entries. The B-ton music scene was quite incestuous and fun.Dan Willems

  5. Eric White here, now "Eric Spears". Actually, I was never part of the Gizmos, although that would certainly up my coolness factor by many degrees. I created 2 Bloomington Music charts for 2 different issues of the Bloomington Voice. I think that was the 2nd one. I know that Don Trubey posted it for a while on a website, though I'm not certain that he "remade" it.I also made a gigantic video of the history of Bloomington music which goes with the chart. It can be obtained from CATS access TV at the Library in Bloomington. It contains a lot of music videos of local bands. – Eric

  6. Oh wait – I see you have posted both charts. I made both of them. Although I interviewed a lot of people to make them, I've been told they contain inaccuracies. I guess finding the mistakes makes for a fun game of music nerdism.

  7. Oh, why did I think you played bass for The Gizmos in some capacity? Hrm.Do you know they still run The Video Show here?

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