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EDIT 10/7/2009: This compilation is admittedly sort of an anachronism at this point, with the BEATLES IN MONO/STEREO boxes finally available. But, if you’re interested in hearing recordings of the original Beatles vinyls, this is still worth a listen. -Ian!

22 tracks. All from my needledrop FLACs from various original pressing and otherwise mono/MFSL vinyl. This should give you a real sense of how the Beatles were meant to sound, as opposed to how the 1987 remaster abortions we’ve grown up on would have them sound. The full album rips can be found here and here. Consider this a sampler.

If you want to see the tracklist ahead of time, here’s a .txt file!

Nobody could fit all the Beatles songs they prefer onto one disc, so I set out to focus on the middle period where the differences between mono and stereo mixes were most obvious. It’s also a period when they released tracks as singles exclusively, so the casual Beatles listener who has not sought out PAST MASTERS can get some tracks like PAPERBACK WRITER and HEY JUDE. They’re also sourced straight off the original singles.

Also I think George might have singlehandedly invented shoegaze with IT’S ALL TOO MUCH.

The Beatles-WHAT IS SWEET NOW: A BEATLES MIX FROM IAN! (2009 compilation)



  1. Why do you hate Paul, Ian? Giving this a quick listen, it seems very very John and George heavy.

  2. It sounds great, by the way – I appreciate it!

  3. Paul's my favorite Beatle. The mix has Hello Goodbye, Here There and Everywhere, Hey Jude, Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight. All Paul.Not to mention he wrote 90% of Paperback Writer and his drop-in on A Day In The Life steals the song.In other words, how dare you sir.

  4. Also, thanks!

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