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Considering this band was a cross-section of Hoboken, NJ, New Orleans and Bloomington, it is right up my alley! Featuring members of MX-80 Sound, this is actually 3 7″s compiled by Gulcher, although originally released by a Gulcher-friendly Hoboken label. -Ian!

Mark Bingham flirted with a number of projects prior to compiling the works of Social Climbers, including production work for MX-80 Sound and collaborations with New York’s Glenn Branca. A. Leroy also worked with Charles Moulton, a choreographer, creating the music for his “Precision Ball Passing” pieces in the early 80s. Social Climbers’ only album was indeed a compilation of three excellent, but poorly pressed 7” flexis put out by the band. Armed with just a couple of guitars, a rhythm box and an organ, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this album may not offer anything special, or that Social Climbers would simply mirror the b-movie aspirations of their New York peers, Comateens (which they do here there, particularly on ‘Western World’). however, Bingham & Co. conjure up a highly original mix of quietly neurotic post-punk restraint. both the organ and rhythm boxes are used highly effectively, thanks to subtle production trickery and clever programming, neatly offset by the geeky garage-band vocals. tracks like ‘Chicken 80’, ‘Chris & Debbie’ and ‘That’s Why’ are shining examples of the very best of post-punk DIY, thanks to both memorable tunes and a cool, if insular, atmosphere of moderate despair. as the album wanders comfortably over the stylistic map, each track in some way hits the spot, and most hit more than one. Every lo-fi collector should get to hear this. and what a tragedy that it was never followed up.


Social Climbers-SOCIAL CLIMBERS (1981)



  1. damn, amazing posts today! this has quickly become one of my favorite blogs. thank you.

  2. The mp3 of the first track "Domestic" seems to be corrupt. I downloaded twice with the same results. Any chance of reposting the song? Thanks, M

  3. That's it, I'm switching to 7-Zip from now on. Winrar can't manage to zip two things at once without one messing up.I re-upped this for ya. Sorry about the inconvenience. I hope people still get it because it's fucking killer.

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