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Blackouts is a classic CD from Ashra. (As an aside, it is included in the Ambient Three Pack box set along with Aqua by Edgar Froese and Blackdance by Klaus Schulze. While those are all excellent CDs, they are not, by any stretch of any imagination, ambient.) This disc features Manuel Göttsching at his best. His guitar work just glides around dynamic Berlin school sequences. The electric guitar riffs give this album rock & roll overtones. So, classic is the word for this set. It is a classic Berlin school/rock & roll hybrid. The gentle moments are smooth, and the dense moments are heavy. It is a great mix of the two styles.

-Jim Brenholts,

Ashra-BLACKOUTS (1977)



  1. HI – OMG! – Thanks so much for your recent posts – a storm of inspiration! – I love youThe link for this Ashra DL appears to be incorrect. I'd sure love to hear it one day! – I hope you can find the time to look into it.Greetings from Vancouver!

  2. My mistake, fixed now!I hope people come back and try to get this one, it's as good as NEW AGE OF EARTH and INVENTIONS FOR ELECTRIC GUITAR.There's something about Google Chrome where I can't cut and paste at my typical breakneck speed so I'm back to doing this in Firefox.

  3. Thanks Ian, much love! – Im lovin' New Age of Earth lately too as I lie in the sand.

  4. Ashra! I love New age of earth, and Schwingungen! I only have 4 Ashra/Ash Ra Tempel albums… But now this makes 5! I LOVE THIS BLOG!!

  5. Link dead. Any chance of re-up please?

  6. RE-UPPED!

  7. Thanks!

  8. Sorry it still says the link is not valid…

  9. sorry, guess someone doesn't want me uploading that

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