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The father of Brazilian soul music, Tim Maia never hid his true nature from his fans, his prospective employers, or the law. Iconoclastic, ironic, outspoken, polemical (but always humorous), and openly addicted to cocaine and marijuana, he was known for lightheartedly missing appointments and even big-time gigs, and also for being boycotted by recording companies, major TV networks such as Globo, and other media that didn’t swallow his disturbing presence.

With his potent and flexible baritone tone, Maia was able to convey not only a happy and energetic dance feel, but was capable of inspiring sentiment in otherwise corny songs as well, like his hit “Me Dê Motivo” (Paulo Massadas/Michael Sullivan). Throughout his career, this flexibility was evidenced through the multitude of styles embraced by him: soul, funk, bossa nova (in the ’90s), romantic songs, American pop, samba, baião, and MPB. In the ’90s, he was discovered by younger pop stars who re-recorded several of his hits. This was the case of Skank, Lulu Santos, Ara Ketu, Paralamas do Sucesso, and Marisa Monte, not to mention Elis Regina, Gal Costa, and other established artists who have recorded his songs.

-John Bush,



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  1. Looking forward to hearing this artist – noticed track #4 won't open – any chance of a repost of this? many thanks for the best BLOG on the net! Always illuminating ..Canada

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