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Aside from Manos: Hands Of Fate, this is my favorite MST3K episode. People seem to agree, as the movie itself (under its alternate title “Night Train To Mundo Fine”) ranks #1 on the bottom 100 list on

It’s some sort of bizarre anti-film. Director Coleman Francis has a “style” that, as Crow T. Robot says, “dares you to watch it”. All three of his films are covered on MST3K, but this is the most brutally defiant of any film convention in its ineptitude. It’s the film equivalent of cold black coffee, white noise, and grey water.

The film’s “star” and producer Tony Cardoza relates the bizarre end of Coleman Francis:

ANTHONY: Coleman Francis’ body was found in the back of a station wagon at the Vine Street Ranch Market (in 1973).

Q: Was it natural causes, or…?

ANTHONY: Nobody knows. I don’t know, he doesn’t know — he’s dead! [Laughs] Nobody seems to know. There was a plastic bag over his head and a tube going into his mouth or around his throat. I don’t know if he committed suicide, or … I have no idea. Never looked it up because we were on the outs at the time.

There was also a great musical based on the film somebody made in 1999, but its website is down and provides none of the mp3s. I am emailing the creator to see what I can get because I remember it being particularly hilarious.

The movie is preceded by a short about posture and speech that is just too awful to describe. Enjoy!

Mystery Science Theater 3000: RED ZONE CUBA (1994)


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    MST3K was a great program. Loved it. I used to look forward to Thanksgiving — not because of the food and (annoying) family — because the SciFi channel (well, now SyFy) would run a 24-hour marathon of MST3K. Aunt Edna would be yammering on about neighbor Wilma and knitting patterns; I'd be near the television watching Tom Servo and Co.(I was a purist, by the way. Mike Nelson was funny, but Joel Hodgson was the alpha and omega of MST3K's genius.)xx

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