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Another HPN find that is blowing my mind. The whole thing makes you wanna root for the guy so hard. About the closest thing to this that actually exists. It’s killing me. Imagine the hours spent after school in the band room. It ends up sounding like a cross between HAIR and A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS. Just the most brutally heartbreaking landscape of 70s teenage suburbia imaginable. Any and all info you can provide about this album, please let me know in the comments. I don’t even know his full name. -Ian!

And he did try to sell his albums at his senior prom, believe it or not: unsurprisingly a wallflower for most of his high school career, he decided to debut the album at the last formal school event and set up a booth somewhere near the buffet table so his classmates could finally see the real him. (The reception was frosty at first – you could probably determine anyone in Todd’s class’s social standing by how far away from him they were able to sit.) Sales were slow all night, but during the awards portion of the prom the prom king and captain of the football team took time out from receiving his own award to nominate Todd for “Most Likely to Be Selling His Album in 20 Years”. Then, in a moment out of one of John Hughes’ wet dreams, the entire class saw both Todd and the jock for what they truly were, flooded Todd’s sales booth, and bought out the entire run. YOU’VE GOTTA LOVE SPORTS.




  1. Love the blog. Thanks for all the great music. I keep getting a "corrupt file" warning for track 4.Just thought you should know.Thanks again for all the work you put in.

  2. Hrmm. It worked for me after downloading it again, but i went ahead and replaced it with a .rar anyway.

  3. Thanks. It works great.

  4. Wow.

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