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Osanna’s debut album released in 1971 is very much a heavy guitar driven album with lots of flute to go with those incredible vocals.We do get some spacey,psychedelic,bluesy and folk moments as well. Yes this is raw but man i like the way these guys play. “Introduzione” opens with a nice guitar melody as pipe organ joins in followed by spacey synths.A change before 2 minutes as drums and flute lead the way.Harmonica and then guitar 2 1/2 minutes in lets it rip. “L’Uomo” opens with flute and strummed guitar. Some raw guitar before reserved vocals come in.Drums and bass follow.Sax blasts 1 1/2 minutes in.Vocal melodies 2 minutes in followed by an explosion. Pastoral flute,acoustic guitar,vocal melodies then drums take over.It blends into “Mirror Train” which features some heavy guitar leads as vocal melodies come and go.Vocals and the guitar are great.It gets jazzy before 2 1/2 minutes with flute,this continues until a guitar solo comes in after 4 minutes to the end of the song. “Non Sei Vissuto Mai” has an amazing sound to it with the relentless guitar and fantastic vocals.A calm before 2 minutes as flute comes in,this is spacey,trippy stuff.Vocals and a fuller sound before 4 minutes.It calms down again 5 minutes in with strummed guitar and flute. “Vado Verso Una Meta” is a song i like a lot.Aggressive guitar and more great vocals.The drums are solid and very active throughout. In Un Vecchio Cieco opens with drums and synths before vocals take over with strummed guitar.It becomes powerful again after 2 minutes with some crazy sax.The guitar that follows is outstanding.More dissonant sax to end it. “L’Amore Vincera Di Nuovo” is my favourite track.It opens with fragile vocals and a pastoral mood.Flute joins in.It kicks into gear after 1 1/2 minutes but it’s brief.This contrast continues.This is the longest song on here. “Everybody’s Gonna See You Die” opens with riffs as sax joins in.Vocals before a minute.The drumming is a highlight. “Lady Power” opens with a cool guitar melody as vocals join in.Flute a minute in.This song reminds me a lot of the band FREE.Some beautiful guitar 3 1/2 minutes in with spacey synths to end it.


Osanna-L’UOMO (1971)


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